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A business may need to be professionally
appraised for divestiture, estate taxes,
divorce settlement or stock buy/sell
agreements. For divestiture, a business
valuation will substantiate the asking
Independent valuation of a closely-held business is a
complex and subjective process requiring specialized
skills and in-depth knowledge of valuation theory.

Determination of entity value takes into account various
factors that include historical performance, industry
trends, economic outlook and risk assessment. The
goodwill of the business has a significant impact on
derived value.

A business owner relying on appraisal services should be
careful not to be mislead by earnings multiples and other
"rules of thumb" because the real worth of the business
may be hidden in the numbers.

If you need to value a manufacturing business, there may
be complex issues to deal with. Manufacturing companies
are the most challenging to appraise because of high
levels of tangible assets, intellectual property and
goodwill. Our 30 years of experience in the manufacturing
sector will work to your benefit. We use a flexible
valuation model that normalizes historical earnings,
analyzes business risk and accommodates diversified
balance sheet positions.

Regardless of the type of company, we have the technical
skills to analyze your business operations and find value
that other appraisers miss. While accounting firms may
perform business appraisals as an ancillary service, we
are engaged full-time in mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We will prepare a comprehensive and defensible
appraisal for your company in compliance with the
standards of the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA).
Our on-site analysis, if required, will be conducted
discreetly and without disruption to your operations.

Our appraisal fees are competitive and fixed for each
engagement, and without any hidden charges. If you are
selling a business, our appraisal fee will likely  be
recovered in multiples when you close the deal.

For a closer look at the business valuation process, we
invite you to download our free report,
Valuations: What Every Small Business Owner Should
To confidentially discuss a business valuation
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