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                         1 . Appraise Entity Value
An accurate valuation of the business entity allows you to
establish a realistic asking price and to ultimately receive an
equitable return on your investment.

                2. Perform Internal Due Diligence
It is advantageous to identify and correct existing operational
deficiencies that would cause a buyer to reject a deal or
otherwise reduce entity value. Many of these issues will
surface during the appraisal process.

                        3. Prepare A Prospectus
This is the written document given to prospective buyers that
describes the business in detail. A well-written prospectus is
the "marketing package" that generates buyer interest.

                  4. Identify Prospective Buyers
A buyer may be an individual, a group of individuals, a private
equity firm, a conglomerate or a competitor. The challenge
here is protecting proprietary information and keeping your
divestiture intentions confidential.

                  5. Assist Buyer Due Diligence
After reviewing the prospectus, an interested buyer and
designated intermediaries will conduct due diligence of your
business by performing a comprehensive analytic review of
operations and other relevant criteria. To expedite this
process, be prepared to provide additional documents and
reports and to answer inquiries.

                     6. Negotiate Sales Terms
The negotiation to reach final terms can be time consuming
given the fact that buyers have predefined investment
objectives and they tend to overestimate business risk that
effectively reduces entity value. You may be asked to continue
to provide services during a defined transition period..

                     7. Transfer Ownership
Closing the deal requires executing a legally binding
transaction to transfer ownership. The structure of the close
depends to a large extent on whether the transfer is an equity
sale or an asset sale.
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