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We can assist you with turnaround
management, due diligence and market

Inasmuch as the value of a company is
driven by anticipated future earnings, it's
advantageous to improve profitability
before placing a business on the market.
As professional business managers, we can develop
and help implement a business turnaround plan, if
needed. Our focus is on productivity improvements,
revenue expansion and accounting system
enhancements. You should plan for an implementation
time frame of 6-18 months.

Due diligence is the analytic review and validation of
business operations that a buyer performs to
substantiate entity value, assess operational integrity
and identify misrepresentations. We can perform
internal due diligence prior to placing your business on
the market to identify and address issues before a
prospective buyer brings them to your attention.

A well written business prospectus is the “packaging”
for your company when placed on the market. A
prospectus provides an operational overview of the
business and also lays the groundwork for subsequent
due diligence. We have the skills to prepare a
comprehensive prospectus document that will stimulate
buyers' interest.
Magellan Advisors, Inc. is an Illinois licensed business broker
registered with the Securities Department of the Secretary of State.

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